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Chicago Specialty Bakers, Inc.

Old World Recipes … Old World Pride

For Today’s Taste & Tomorrows Needs

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Our expertly prepared artisanal bread products include dinner rolls, French-style baguettes, focaccia, German-style pretzel breads and buns, Italian ciabatta with open-cell structure, and handmade focaccia with toppings.

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An Artisanal Approach

  • Artisan baking celebrates the role of the individual not industrial values of scale. Artisan bakers use their senses to produce bread products: a healthy nose to test the fermentation; a skillful touch to knead, mold and shape; and an experienced eye to tell that the bread is ready for baking and just right when it comes out of the oven. The best things take thought and care; engage your senses and enjoy…..
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