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CSB Customers

Our Business heavily focuses on commercial airline, food service and grocery customers. Accounts utilize regional, national and international distributors to order the bakery’s par-baked, frozen products.

Many of our produced bread products are fully baked then frozen requiring that end users only need to slack and serve. This approach appeals to our many food service and other clients that lack equipment to correctly finish a par-baked product.

Traditional Baking


The heart and soul of our operation is in traditional, levain-based, dark-colored, coriander-topped, sweet-and-sour Russian and European rye breads. This includes pioneering a Russian rye within the U.S. marketplace known as “Borodinsky”— the #1 bread in Russia.  Rye will always form a familiar priority at Chicago Specialty Bakers.

Fresh Baked Goods


Many of our products are par-baked to 80% to 90% done-ness then quick-frozen to maintain freshness. The end user bakes the products for 10–15 minutes to finish.  About 15% to 20% of our products are delivered fresh.

The Finest Ingrediants


We achieve these unique flavors by purchasing the finest ingredients, utilizing the latest techniques and using an Old World approach in fermentation, levain preparation, shaping, molding and expert baking.



We Are CSB

  • We are private bakers... Our work requires understanding our customer... We work directly with them to create new products. We encourage and foster an ongoing dialog with our valued customers.
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